Morgan Lugo


 Morgan Lugo is an artist who hails from Atlanta, Georgia. In 2015, Morgan earned a BFA with a concentration in Sculpture from Georgia State University. While earning her undergraduate degree, she also studied sculpture and Renaissance architecture at the Florence University of the Arts in Italy. Since Morgan has started creating sculptures, she has been a part of a multitude of different shows and international cast iron performances. This includes two separate showings at The High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia; SPECTRUM Miami in conjunction with Art Basel and Miami Art Week; and The Elysium Exhibition and Performance Iron Pour in Berlin, Germany in conjunction with Berlin Art Week. 

     In addition to gallery art shows, Morgan feels a strong need to serve a philanthropic purpose with her art. Her artwork has helped raise money for charity events such as; Home Depot’s “The Homerfund” which provides funding for natural disaster relief and the “ARTitude” Charity gala helping support childhood education in inner-city areas. Morgan is also involved with an international group of artists who run intricate live molten iron pours for communities as performance art pieces, a result that literally lights up the sky. She has participated in these performances in locations ranging from Riga, Latvia to the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in Indiana. 

Morgan’s work is created through a multitude of experimental techniques from mold making, clay sculpting, fabrication welding, assemblage, and metal casting. With her primary focus on metalworking, a field that is still dominated by gender stereotypes and blockades for women, Morgan’s resolve is to excel in this craft while opening the door to other underrepresented groups who wish to take part in this field. 

     She plans to keep pushing and creating unique sculptural pieces with strong influences from dream-state consciousness, the complexities of the internal-self, and the intangible common thread of human experience. Morgan has plans in 2018 to return to Berlin in May for a performance iron pour and to show work at Art San Diego art fair in October.